Mar 11, 2011

uish nama aku bhai


Oh cant you feel the fever baby? Oh I didn't mean bieber fever, I meant holidays baby! Okay this posts isn't about holidays or being raped by add mats paper or nor its about lamps. Okay. say hi to

She's cool cool and cooler than ice. I mean I never thought we'd be this tight and Its great to have a friend like ya, seriously. And you know what? My name got stucked in her blog, like how cool is that? lol Liyana, I know you're reading this and please cover that hidung. Bangga gila?

There's something you should know about her, she's a rempit? jk trololol kbai.

Mar 8, 2011

the day when everything seems so fucked up

This is the day when all those uncivilized dumb hard people finally realize when everything is so important.

This is the day when parents gonna scream hard at ya like there's no fucking tommorrow.

This is the day um.. nah I got nothing. Okay ssup people? I told you Imma keep this thing updated like it should be. Okay blog im sorry about 4months without any update. Lol what? It's not like Im some sixteen bitch who life's all about being sad and melodramatic all time. So chill , okay I was talking to myself coz that's the way i rolled. lol

Okay so what about today? If you one of my followers you'll know my updates always update something big that probably i got to something to do with it or no.. Let me get this straight, TOMMORROW IS MY EXAM. YES, DID THE DAMN WORD ECHOES TO YOU?

And you know how guys tend to act like they're some fucking genius who never wanted to study abit and later cry one the day the damn result came out as if bieber got his head bald. And this is my first year of taking science stream, I'm sure from now the word 'fail' or 'D' would be somewhat familiar. At least to me

amri out.

Mar 7, 2011


Yoh ssup? Yeah yeah I know, its a been a while. A 'while'? I dont think thats the best word to describe my unexplained absence and for how long? FUCKING 4 MONTHS YEAH.

Lol blame this chick; twitter. She's got me hookin up on her everyday like there's always everything to talk about and its started to make me look like Mark Sternberg(lol?) with his stupid journal blog who probably got less than 5 followers. Well look who's talking? ha ha.

I'm insulting myself and you should be laughing. Insulting yourself has became the latest trends, yeah even Facebook approves it. Something like this;

1.Post new profile picture
2.Add caption "Im fugly as shit"
3.Then wait for other people to prove you're wrong.

Done. Hey douche! yeah you, I know you did this. Everyone did.

Well to be honest, the reason i left the blog because I kinda thought a guy with a blog sounds cheesy and creepy(well now i dont).

Ahh screw this shit. I'm gonna be updating this thing like the old days. FUCK YEAH AMRI YOU'RE SO FUCKING COOL.kthxbai

Dec 22, 2010


hey tards, you think you heard any better than this shit? then

forget that pic, and let me tell you what the fuck music actually meant. If you're expecting justin bieber has something to do with this post, then you shud turn left or go die. immediately. So what is coldplay?

They're the beatles of this century , a band from uk and they've been creating music that sounds ten fucking times better than rihanna does. Any one with a sane mind or actually knew music should agree with me.

they may not have the greatest looks but hey looks isnt everything right? The perfect example is Justin Bieber. Looks + girl voice = nahh FAIL. Ohoho , I can feel the butthurt in you jb fans and trust me , you dont want to know how deep is my hatred(lol)or it could take the whole damn page for you to scroll. You want real tunes that make your bucks worth than hiring a cheap whore? Then get this.

if it suck , then you can sue me.

Dec 11, 2010

wake me up

Wow how has it been? 1 yrs? a century? I almost forgot that the fact I still have blog lying around waiting to be update. The thing is nowadays I got better stuff to do like waking up in the afternoon , glued myself to facebook like a faggot without life (lol).

So treat this as the pre-start of upcoming pointless blog posts which I'm very unlikely going to do.

Jul 24, 2010


We need this more.

Go despicable

OMG OMG Robert Pat so hot, eclipse is so awesome. taylor so cute

Spare me that shit and real men dont watch eclipse. Proof me wrong or that story is gay, come on where's that ol' fugly vampire and pubic haired wolf. It's not like I despise the series that much, its just its just fucking hyped up movie is an epic failure. I know, writing these stuff probably make fangirls wanted to rip-off my fingers from my hand so that I can stop typing.

Okay, you're reading this and i know you're mad, but there's dozen movie out there that better and doesn't involve a hobo vampire and some wolf. They should change the movie title to Twilight: Taylor's fucking buffed body, come on ppl dont even fucking cares what was the movie all about and you're talking about fanboy/girls. Fanboy/girl shud go die, seriously. We dont need em.

Enough of that eclipse shit, now that my god-tier sense of blogging is back. I'm going to start advertise the lowest shit/blogspot can offer (no, im not getting paid for advertising)

: and

This blog is fun,fun fun fun fun fuuuuuck. Read and be amazed. fyi, i randomly picked the blog, nothing personal

Jul 16, 2010

Being exposed

What its like to being exposed?
Now with myspace everything, i mean everything you wrote in comments is gracefully exposed. This kind of exsposed is way worse than posting your Indonese sex tape to the net. Didn't our fag-worshiped Tom did a great job? Seriously this just makes me wanted to completely migrate to fagbook, no i mean facebook.

this is just so fuuuuuuuuu

UPDATE: He fixed it, no comments longer exposed. Thank god, Tom heard my acoustic swearings.

Jul 15, 2010

Definition for lame

Things couldn't get any lamer on these past few days. Why? Three word baby three words;
Extra-curricular activities.

Imagine lining up in middle of a field then do a acrobatic exercises served with some music playlist from the 80's for a non-stop 45minutes. Trust me, these fucked up stuff happens to me and can easily sucked up the 'i am handsome' confidence straight out of you. Funnily, there are some ppl did that shit, oh god please save them. Thats why I decide to high tail today from school to save my last pieces of dignity.

I probably going to hide the fact that I'm a student from that school, for better good and to dudes who watched twilight eclipse are pussies and Steve Carell is awesome. I dont eat back my words.

I'm back , I'm back , I'm back

I never thought this thing still exist,pardon me.

The reality world has kept me busy and waaaaaay busy to spend time writing useless shits to some tards I dont even know but the shits will continue. Blogging is fun, but its just the pain to squeeze every idea to post awesome stuff. Stuff that make every underage fapping like there's no tomorrow.

So what happened in my months of disappearance? Everything.

I've just lost to ability to enjoy the best bits live had to offer, well of course temporarily for the sake of pmr and fuck i dont even know what the hell does the three alphabetical means. Damage done, no point of bitching about it aye?

Well, it turned out that my computer got blocked, gaming pleasure taken down and the best part my platinum porno member unsubscribe. Thats even worse than having sex with a g-kwock. I guess it was karma.


Feb 28, 2010

Porno > homework

What the hell is wrong with me? Cant take the pressure and duty of a student(tard) to do some fucking homework , wait I mean fucking homework with a 's. Yeaaaap that's plural and FYI , i got 10 hw plus assingments on hold.

Since its so hard for me , I almost shed tears when I realise that the fact I have to send all of them by this week. Please spare your cheap time reading what Im going to wrote. This is what I need do ;

-Science notes : The ugly truth about genitalia.
- Art : Draw a fucking realisticly ear ( god,how hard is that?)
- Math : Solving 13pages phycologically hard questions
-AG : Copy the same thing from text book (wtfff)
- Sivik: Make the same damn scrapbook again
-English: Do a bloody presentation about some dumb person

& etc.

Should I do or no ?

Feb 18, 2010

Pissy Jackson & The Metrosexual Thief

Havent see it yet ? For the love of god or for the love of 10 bucks , DONT.

A fucking waste of my 2hours in life and since cinemas didnt have policy of refunding money over piggy movies , I decided to let off my angry-ism on this blog. Quick sypnosis :

1. A huge hobo in tight pants came from the water , decided to hook up with his brother on the top of a building for a steamy sex.
2. Then , they fight over a dumb lightning bolt.
3. His brother decided to go home and hide under his bed.
4. Scene switch to some white kid who tought he could live under water accompanied by some nigger .
5. Then the kid was attacked by his hot 20's teacher/ugly monster but saved by a fag on a wheelchair.
6. After that the kid got a new present : A pen that could turn into a sword ! Kudos !

I could've continue but you get the picture , the movie itself is an epic fail. So here my word , dont watch the damn movie.

Feb 13, 2010


I'm sure it's been a while since the I last updated this forsaken thing .
Actually I've been overly and entirely busy that I forgot abt this blog. Thanks to the fucking assigments and homeworks from the douchebag's at the Sekolah Menengah Keb. They dont give a crap how you'd feel. Currently I have around 10-15 hw plus two three assignment on hold.

Just plain wtf rite ?

And its the Chinese new year , the month of prosperity or so they say. The time where you should be relaxing/begging to your chinese friend like a cheap bastard for ang pau's and enjoying those rare sweet oranges while watching some 1970's porno. Kudos for you if you did that. LOL

Too add it up , gayvalentine is here too and where the fuck is my chocolate. I WANT MY CHOC , CHOC ! Okay that was a little too dramatic. I'm sure the Seri Gombak Tasik is crowded with couples/whores swapping chocs. To them its romantical , to me its just OMFGLMAO plus with some lololol !

im out

Jan 29, 2010

Daamn with a double A

Woah , how long has it been ? A month without any update ?

Fear not , I'm not dead yet and I'm still here baby. Let me explain , the past few weeks without no updates is solely because I've entirely unforgivably busy. God knows how busy am I. Why ?

SCHOOL ! The damnest thing ever happen to me , who need schools anyway. I rather stay home and enjoy my 1970's porno collection. So because we're in the school mood , lets talk bout it . How my first day at school ? Awesome , so awesome that

I awesomely tripped and fell on the entrance of the school infront a bunch of retards , and being laughed at in the first day at school. How does that felt ? Total humiliation.

This started to sound boring eh ? Dont blame me , I've lost my great sense of blogging these days , but I'll continue to write to satisfy my loyal followers.

awesomeness out

Jan 1, 2010

Back from the dead

"Oh long has its been ? Freaking two weeks, sorry , its just the internet doesn't interest me that much. "

That's a lie , a damn ugly lie. Just to hide the fact that I've been busy gaming in the past few days , ya know , FF13 . Oh its awesome , damn awesome , the game certainly worth every buck I've paid for it. When it comes to gaming , I dont gives a F about anything .


Wait, already 2010 ? Never know it be that quick , seriously this new year doesn't really made the cut on me. Plus , the fireworks are lame and just a waste a freaking 1 hour 30 minutes plus of my life. To make it worse , school is coming in two days. And only god knows how much I hate it.

So , bottomline the start of new year pratically means sucks hard, so damn hard. I hardly got any mood to continue to write, this post is just the sake of updating this thing. The only awesome that happen to me in this unfamously new year is I got my crush on. Hell yeah , on who ?

Natalie Tran

awesomeness out.

Dec 14, 2009

Asshole on the loose

You piece of shit , you shit of piece. No its not you. Its someone else , not that fat girl just another dumbfuck who hates me .Who the hell is he ? I'll tell you that son of a bitch's name at the end of this post.

He is a man , not really. Just a man without a dick. If he sooooo fucking hates me , tell straight lah. Don't keep it to yourself asshole. Be a fucking man. You think you so damn good. You stereolized hobo . Face to face me if you got the balls.

I mean he is so desperate just like the faggot in the previous post, desperate enough to take someone's gfriend away. Lame , even his ym username is gay

"****_comel" Thats is so 70's . Gay enough ?

People nowadays are really something. Im not writing about this fag any longer, I got better stuff to do. Wait , I bet you wanna know who the hell is he right ? Im not gonna post it here. PM/Personal Message me for his name.

awesomeness out.

Dec 10, 2009

Desperate meet desperate

That chick looks good right ? Daaammn good I'd say. I get it baby , seven more days , just seven.How long can that be right ?

This is not going to be about the damn game , but an unforgiving true fact about a fatass.She's desperate I mean she is soooo desperate , critically desperate like updating her mysp acc every goddamn 5 minutes;

"Hey guys! SINGLE JEA , i need boyfie"

WTF-up wrong with her?At first i dont give a fuck about it until she started posting half-nude/tunjuk peha pictures. Add it up , she's breastless but no offense.Grow some then post some.Get it?

And unexpectedly , people(guys) cared bout it , then they like "wehh nak ym? i sudi jd boyf you".That the kind of human who should go suck their own dick , seriously. Bottomline is, she's not even close when compared to jessica alba/pamela . She's just another shameless malaysian citizen.

p/s , nak mysp dye ? mintak aq kt mysp. mls na post sni , nnti kantoi

Dec 7, 2009

Its the final countdown

Seriously you dont know that song ? aww come on. The song rock the 80's hard by queen. Sheesh you call yourself a music faggot ? Stop.

This time the title certainly got to do with what Im gonna write. Hell yeah baby , 10 more days to FFXIII . Oh Im hyping now , reaaally hyped. I dont fucking care how much its going to cost to get that game.

I'll even donate my balls just play the damn thing. You might think Im a geek to be playing games.Who the hell cares ? Im me , not Im you. After all this waiting (3years of waiting) , Lets just hope its worth it. Since my infamously blog get a lot of decent followers.I might make review on that shit. Deeeeeeeeep review of course (!) .

For the last time , the damn thing will be price tagged at RM360. Believe it or not ? Im getting it in two weeks time.

out / fapping to vannille god-tier ass.

Dec 4, 2009


Before this blog starting to look dead, I'd better post something up. Honestly , the title got nothing to do with what im going to wrote. As usual my post contain words that only 18 above would understand .Look, im not going to write something cheesy or flashy OR dramatically insane like


No, not that kind of stuff. This is Malaysia , you can get caught from writing stuff like that. Ever heard of Raja Petra ? Thats the kind of human who got the balls to post serious shit in his blog (!).

Enough of that shit , back to topic.
I've grown , well in terms of weight . This happen when you got nothing to do besides eat , sleep , eat and well sleep . I tried to grow some of those awesome beard like brad pitt did but it end up looking like I staple my pubic hair to the face.
Omg, I do smell weird , after 2 days without a shower.

shower calls , awesomeness out.

Dec 2, 2009

December baby

Havent posting any shit for weeks , what did you expect ? Sitting all day long like a broken ass, there's no , I mean nothing to bother post in this blog . Woa is it me or this holiday kinda lame ? yea superrrrr lame. What the hell i've been writing, lol.

Ignore me , its 8 o'clock in the morning .

Hey its december , its not like im pumped up for a chirstmas carol . Why the hell you malays even bother to watch Jim Carrey, maan its not megan fox. No megan fox in it , Noooo !
Look on a bright side , ffxiii is coming in 2 weeks time. Ah, Im going back to bed/fapping

im out.

Nov 22, 2009

Leaving, permanently

You're leaving , accurately moving. Well , Im not going to be sad or jiwang all that. Still Im kind of regret you're leaving . Oh shit, this starting to sound gay . Urghh who cares ? After all the shit we've done , who wouldn't be sentimental .

Sorry wan , I dont plan writing any longer . So , dont forget us , eh mate .

Regards , Amri :)

Nov 19, 2009

Hello Holiday , Goodbye School

Ironical eh ? Its time baby , holiday ftw!
No more assigments , no more asswork , no more speech or so on. Wait, did I hear SPM ? Good for you loser . Its so fucked up that you guys soo lame had to take it. Its going to be a damn long holiday and I got the gear for it. Its going to be one awesome H ,

awesomeness out.

p/s , haha wan , sedey la wehh kaw na pindaah , tapi still bole contact kn .

Nov 14, 2009

End of world , fashionably done

So what about 2012? A bunch of crap or bullshit . Its overrated. I mean sure the trailer look oh awesome and cool, but trust me it aint.At least the effects did the justice .

Ratings : 3.5/5

Nov 13, 2009

The badass strikes

It turn out, my bad luck isnt ending on the fagful exam result. Well, I just got call from gayteacher, to my dad of course about me rampaging/raped the class, and broke some tables. Well gayteacher will be adressed as dude,but he isnt much of a dude,its just dude sounds more gay and I love it.

Hell, I thought this problem was , maybe settled but I guess not. So the dude, want to meet dear dad to discuss about it, shit. I've already been warned, if I turned out to be guilty, no more porn,oh i mean the internet and grounded. cool enough?

Dont get me wrong, Im not afraid a bit. Infact this is pretty funny. Will I the motherfucking amri , be guilty over a broken table. The answer lies in the ahead, probably in the next post.

Nov 12, 2009

Again , and again

This is when I ever regret to be born as a human , or else. This is when you got the result proving your too dumb to be true. This is when , when. uh i got nothing. Exam is a proven-gay but the result are even gayier . Well lets not get into so details about it, wait i'll give you an hint ;

C's, yes that's plural.

So what's about it besides its a bad or unforgiving failed shit. Retards like you guys should know, a one-way trip for a non-stop blabbering , ofcourse from dear parents. Shit , I would do everything to avoid this, um political argument . I might as well make my i own exam result, plus A's.

awesomeness out.

p/s , siao ah kaww nano, tarik rmbt aq sampai botak . Besar ,

Nov 8, 2009

Blues Overrated

John Terry goal isnt awesome, yeah no awesome compare to Johny Evans flying kick to the dickless Drogba (bruce lee stuff). Watchaa with an !

NEWS FLASH : We've won it three titles straight you tard. Has chelsea done that?

Nov 6, 2009

Attention whore spotted

This is it! This is it!
The is a story about a bitch ,who is a bitch actually. This may contain too much swearing, if you cant take it , then leave .

She's a newcomer to this god forsaken school and acting like she's some Hilton's is what I called a whore. And she's got this attention-type human being ,er well that's about her, now here the real deal.

Well , one of my friend got into some fight with her, just because of a prank. I know it sounds lames.It will get lamier, then she's became like " Oh bajet, nak gado ngn aq,tunggu aq bawak backup seri gombak"

I thought its just some lameass threat, but she's serious about it.Is she's for real?
Today, she gloriously bring some fuckups/dickheads for seri gombak to settle the fight. Omg, who the hell get so serious over a prank but they managed to settle it manly enough (i.e no fight,no blood,no broken teeth) .

If you read this,you can claim a free mp3 about a pizza
, coming soon

Thats enough ,i coulde've wrote longer but i may get sued for this.LOL

Confession of a douchebag

I got a confession to do,its about a girl I banged named Exam,I had hell of a boner and she's hot but Im over it.Did you get it? Aw come on,its a joke.

A lot happened, i mean alot since the last time i post on this um thing.I dont know where to start,oh wait I know.Exam is over and thats it, but i got better thing to write.


p/s, i'll write an in depth story about that human being

Nov 1, 2009

Hell of a week , Week of a hell

Shit,guess what? exam, and its due tomorrow but it wont last that long, still a pain in the ass.This is serious shit,I aint ready for it.Study? Revision? Fuck it all.

I dont know what the hell i've been learning this whole goddamn year , huh . Fear not this is the motherfucking amri, no lame exam will stop me.

Fyi, you can always cheat, always.

Oct 30, 2009

What really happened

Today is awesome, yea awesome like the fucking school was mine,hell there's a lot of drama too .

Well, one idiot who obviously dumb and dumb, threw a motherfucking ball at me. And of course it missed, Im too awesome to be hit with that kind of shit and it hit somebody else. Nice try tard, you failed.And that somebody was um, I'd say raged,fully raged. Who wouldn't ?

p/s. nano ,wan taknak kena pukul ngan kaww

When its just starting to get better,gayteacher spoiled it.Aw man,I know its suck.Being in a class with a bunch of retardo's and gayteacher is,well boring.So I skipped it. I wandered around the school,trying to find where the hell is the fucking computer room.Oh wait,this school dont have one. lame

I decided to get some sleep in the surau ,tired of last night too much banging's.I got caught in the act by gayteacher, but I handle the situation smoothly.Gayteacher asked,

"What the fuck are you doing here?",

I silenced trying to figure a reason, come on amri think! Then I answered "I got a stomachache,I had to rest" and guess what, the gayteacher actually believed it. What a dumb fuck.

skipping class is easy, but getting away is easier.

Oct 28, 2009

Three in One

Tities 1#

Let me do some in depth review on the match;
The fucking match was biased.The referee was gay to top, Im sure Rafa served the ref. one of his infamous blowjobs to get him on his side.And one motherfucker plays like a motherfucker:


This fuckup play gay football,seriously.Somebody give me a gun, Im going kill this piece of shit, or shit of piece.Liverpool is gay,literally gay.So is arsenal.

Tities 2#
Being gay is totally gay, rite? And oh my teachers are being gay.Damn, i mean serious gay.Its almost funny.Who the fuck say foods got to do with manners?


Tities 3#
Like i said,im busy so,i probably wont be updating this thing in days,sorry.

AWAY ,desperados

Oct 25, 2009

Scousers Losers


OH YEAH, 9.55 p.m,

p/s, i will cut my penis, if manutd lose to lverpool

Oct 24, 2009

Indonesian punkass

Seriously, they're just a bunch of cunts, yeah cunts.Now,fighting over some outdated fugly dance* is just pure dumbass.You came to us to find money and you fuckin spit us in the back.


p/s , im not posting any not RAJA PETRA (that blog whore)
*im referring to the stupid tarian

Oct 22, 2009

Going blocked

So in attempt to make me another ugly Einstein's whore,i get new password on pc ! yeah and i dont know what the fuck is the password.super rite?
Now where the hell im going to get my porn's from, i mean inspirations. I couldn't care much about my pc,its a piece of garbage anyway, made by dell and it cant even run solitaire without graphical upgrade, lmao.

and damn,this time he sure knows how actually to set a password.The last time he did this,he put his car plate number as a pw. how lame is that? LOL

p/s, breaking password isnt fun,i rather go bang an ass. uh

Oct 20, 2009

Streamyx = buttass connection,

okay² i know lately I've been posting two post a day,and wait dont label me as attention whore that quick.its just, its just that


just imagine when you're downloading some, um let say porno that weighs around 1gb.whaat? you losers dont get it?
*group sex + blowjobs + anaal , in high def. = easy 1gb's stuff,
And your almost halfway complete, it hangs and the fucking download were corrupted.Too good to be true? NO.This stuff happens to me. Damn streamyx, hell with wiggly broadband.Its time for change,thats mean WiMax baby.

Oct 19, 2009

Oh busy , busy

Oh my its good to touch you back, dear keyboard. touching your countless ,uh buttons yea buttons makes me hard on.Your figure is way better than beyonce's (oh that pig is fat,admit it farkers).Okay this is starting to get off topic and weird.

I know I am,infact. IM F**KING HELL SHIT-PICKING COCK BUSY,get it?
There's too many reasons,even if I post it going to to take the whole goddamn page.So bottomline
; im busy.

p/s,damn mom,slow down your roles,I aint going to get straight F's,coz im the .you know .out

Oct 16, 2009

Trying to be a genius, for once

Everyone starting to play Rubik cube,WTF is the first word came to my undoubtedly IQ-less brain.That miserable thing is why people kill themselves just because cant slove the fucking thing.Acid does that to them.

oh wait ,its become the new shit, IM THE MOTHERFCKING AMRI,What people do,I do better.
Once its in the reach of my palm,sense of genius is boosting into me, morality not internally.With an ugly arrogance, I messed the cube with a hope i can solve the freaking thing and start posting tutorials on youtube like a breastless 13yr old kid or an attention span.I was wrong and

I failed,the fucking thing owns me.

Oct 15, 2009

Getting started,again.

It seems there's no way to make my fabolous mysp acc. back to normal,
New acc I guess,fark you tom

CLICK ME and you going to win a britneey's nude pic,OH LOL

kindly add you tards.

Thanks tom, you klyptomaniac geek


He's pissed on me,so what? Then you can simply fucked up my MYSP acc, you son of bitch.Its almost like piss whipping gun on a blind kid.Hey Tom,this proves that you're gay and a homophobic retard.Dammn, switching Im to friendster*

*oh lol,no i wont switch to friendster.FRIENDSTER SUCKS BIG TIME,sucks more than Will Smith patheticly attempt to be a singer.

Oct 11, 2009

Irradically Weird,

Okay, today I did an OH, for the first time,I've been treated like a ,motherfucking hooker,entertaining those bastards what they want.

It was grand,red carpets from the entrance till to the toilet.The door was beautifully decorated with A' class panties,oh my it is glorious,OF COURSE there's ladies,its just something I set up called dancing pole,guess who did the dancing? the hilton's baby,damn no its not them,its just some cheap skate bitch i pick along the way who tried to look like the fugly hilton's. The food is awesome,full cheese ,cheese and cheese FTW.I had to hired yuna(ohh) to entertain those spineless bastards,she's awesome,but she sings better to me

in bed,


Oct 7, 2009

Fagging with faggots

Hangout? oh LOL,fuck that word.Fagging seems a lot much better, yard.
You tards wont even care unless its about a blond bitch giving me blowjob.
It was disastrous,never happen as planned (damn damnnn),I spend my hard earn cash to watch 5 fucking hamster playing james bond and hell they even talked,yeah litterally TALKED. lame

the 3d never did justice,yard

Then vroom we go to the bowling haven and yes the place was crowded, full of boyans.Claiming that they're the shit,and of course they were wrong. They never see how the motherfucker amri played,I could own them easily with closed eyes.And yes I owned them who later gracefully ran back to their momma's in cying mode.I was on the top of the world and felt like take off every single article on my body.I didnt do it,of course it would be biased if I did.

Feeling awesome,I need awesome clothes.Turning on my shopaholic switch.You know the rest.
Nobody could stop me from getting what I want and was awfully escorted by datins.

Time run fast,faster than I thought and damn I was late.Arriving late earns me the sexual relationship between sexes from dear ayah. WTF?

Oct 5, 2009

Pity? oh wait

Dont fuckin' think im gonna say "GOOD LUCK" ,
your piss-warmed PMR while I'll go drunk with my free airborne-dropped coke while banging some dolly face japanese. anyway thanks for the holidays* you retardtians.

Oct 3, 2009

Its coming out,for real

17december baby, finally i can stop fapping the trial version.

p/s, playing vanille fine ass on hd, woo! drool baby drool

Oct 2, 2009

Late, damn late

Finals is weeks away,and i dont really understand what I learned, SUPER

Sep 29, 2009

Spot me a-holes

Being unnoticed is bullshit rite?
Time for some change.Of course,drastically change loser,mark my words.I'll be the next lennon,I WILL BE NOTICED,people will hail me and kiss my ugly-odoured feet like an indian freak did, coz' im the motherfucking AZRIL AMRI,

p/s, i hate yr music lennon, i make music better using spoons. Whaat? who's lennon (WTF), he's the poor bastard who've been shot dead by his fanatically gay based fan.